Good evening people…

I am still working on character sketches for an upcoming sci-fi short story. For the most part I have done two of them. The names so far (I say so far because the names can always be changed.) is John T. Williams and Mary Lee Williams. Now as of this writing I have them as a husband and wife team. But that can change too. In the formative stages of story telling things can change a lot for many different reasons. For me it is letting the creative muse run wild.

Speaking of letting my creative muse run wild. I had better let it run wild concerning the Cherios Spoonfuls of Stories contest. I thought I might have submitted another story right now but no ideas have come forth. I know that will not last long. But I do have a short time to submit as the contest ends this July 15th. If any of you guys want to register here is the link.


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