Well I submitted the last…

children’s story to the Cheeriso Spoonful of Stories contest. The name of the story is “Look at my Hands!”. It is a story about discovery. In any case this competition was fun to write for. I will do it again next year. Now on to other writing contests. I will be submitting short stories to various different contests and or magazines. One of those contests will be the ThreeMinuteFiction contest which is sponsored by NPR’s radio program known as “All Things Considered Week End Edition”. The premise is simple.

1. The story must be able to be read in under 3 minutes. That usually corresponds to 500 words or less.

2. Requirements are placed on each of the stories. Like for the last round which was round 6 the requirements were that one character had to tell a joke and another character had to cry.

These requirements had to a part of all the stories that were submitted or they would not be considered. It looks like round 7 is going to start shortly if you want a link to the ThreeMinuteFiction facebook page here it is. Well that is all for now. Until next time! William out.


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