Hello people!

Well so far the writing on the sci-fi short story is going well. I hope that most of it will be done by the end of the week. I also have some ideas pop into my head about writing another children’s picture book story. The main character in the children’s picture book story will be an insect. It seems that children have an interest in insects and other life forms. So why not tap into that interest? Or who knows maybe my next sci-fi protaganist is an insect based alien life form assigned to protect Earth from invasion. The alien may not like the humans that live here but has an affinity for all the insect life forms here on planet Earth. Or I could change the current bad guy in my sci-fi short story to be an insect like alien shape shifter from the future sent back to destroy mankind!

It is interesting how things can pop into one’s mind while writing. I think that just getting in front of the computer and pounding on the keys helps to inspire a person’s muse or imagination. That is why I like to post here. If I have trouble with writer’s block I can come here and write until the problem is resolved. Well on to writing that next story! Feel free to comment! They are welcome here! Until next time! William out!


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