Going to my critique group…

meeting on August 4th 2011. I hope to have my sci-fi short story done by then for them to critique. Then like I have mentioned before I will submit the story. Still wating on that writing prompt from Three-Minute Fiction. And last but not least I have a few new ideas on writing a childrens picture book. I think that the characters in childrens picture book will be a cast of insects trying to find their way in life. Until then see you later. William out.



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2 responses to “Going to my critique group…

  1. Oh, I love sci.fi! I tried writing a sci.fi novel once, but it was a little to challenging for my skills so it’s been put on ice. But maybe a short story would be like learning to crawl before walking? Guess I’ll have to test that theory:)

    • Thanks for commenting sydrak! I love to write Sci-fi. I think it is one of the best genres to write for. Don’t give up on that novel. Writing is a journey and you can learn a lot along the way! Once again thanks for the reply!

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