Well it is late at night…

and I am sitting here fumbling at the computer. I most say I am having a good time right now. Writing is a fun experiemce and so I am having fun creating new characters, plots and stories. I will present what I have done so far to my local critique group and see what they think. I have been to this group before and they are quite professional. That is the one thing I need. It gives a sense of purpose to my writing knowing that someone will hear what I have put down on paper. In any case I will take their suggestions and and implement them into my sci-fi shory story.

I have still not seen what the writing prompt will be from Three-Minute Fiction. I have to admit that there is an uptick in the drama about that recently. Some writers are waiting patiently while others are not waiting so patiently. Well they will kick off round  of the popular contest real soon. They have been teasing this on their facebook page.

I do like the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish the first draft of any type of work I do. It is akin to working with clay before you put in the furnace. You keep spinning it around molding it with your hands until the desird affect is achieved. Still I like that feeling that I have created something that did not exist before. Well off to do some more creating. So until next time William out!


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