I was reading an ebook…

on pacing your novel. I think that pacing is very important as it keeps the reader involved in your story. I believe in varying the pace of your novel so the reader will be able to breathe at times. It is impossible to keep the tension at a fever pitch through out the novel. So it is good to vary the pacing so that the reader will contiue with your book. One of the ways to change the pacing is to have a change in character viewpoint. Another is to implement a twist in the plot so as to surprise the reader. Make the reader think things are going one way and then switch things up.

I am still waiting on that writing prompt from Three-Minute Fiction. I hope that they do something soon. I am still writing my children’s story and the Sci-fi short story. I hope to have both of them ready for the next critique session. I actually the franework ready for the children’s story. I simply need to tweak and or polish the story up a bit before I have it critiqued. Well it is time to go now. So until next time, William out.


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