I recently watched a good movie…

called “Cowboys and Aliens” starring Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, John Carradine and Harrision Ford. I like western genre stories and sci-fi genre stories. So when “they” came up with a story that mixed the two I was intrigued to say the least. I like it when people take a chance and try something new. There is this scene where Daoniel Craig’s character Jake Lonergan is being sewed up by a preacher. The reason why I mention this scene is what the preacher asked Jake. Here is the dialogue. “There are good men who do bad things.” There are bad men who do good things.” “Who are you?” the preacher said. “I don’t know.” Jake said. Jake had his memory temporarily messed with so he could not remember his immediate past.

Now you can take that above dialogue and apply it to just about any character male, female or whatever (aliens). In other words. You can create a basically good character that has some bad character qualities in him, her or it. You can create a basically evil character that has some good character qualities in him, her or it. Remember Darth Vader and how Luke still saw or felt some good in him? Not that it mattered to the many millions that the character Vader killed but you get my point. A character whose foundation is good but has a few bad spots. A character whose foundation is bad but has a few good spots. This is what makes characters memorable. It is what can set up good internal conflict in the characters. Darth Vader’s internal conflict over letting his som die at the hands of the evil emperor is a good example. That internal conflict became external conflict and we all know what happened to both Lord Vader and the Emperor.

In any case watching this movie helped to crystalize my thoughts on character creation. I had been struggling with that and this movie helped me out a bit. Well I am going to start writing on my stories now. I am going to submit a sci-fi short story soon and do some other projects as well. I am still waiting on that Three-Minute Fiction writing prompt as well. So until next time William out.


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