What to do… What to do…

I know I will do some writing tonight! I could start off like I did the last few posts by stating that I am still waiting for that writing prompt from Three-Minute Fiction. Yes I have mentioned that several times and it bears mentioning now and in the future. Or at least until round 7 will start. I have been communing and bemoaning the start of round 7 with several writers on the 3MF Facebook page for quite a while now. Like I said I hope that it will start soon so that we can start to write.

I have also said that I am working on several projects and trying to get them ready for submission to various different contests. That has been fun to do and I hope that I will do well in those endeavors. I have been writing poems for a chapbook contest that will be ending in a late Septenber timeframe. I have been doing some writing elsewhere.

I do have to admit that writing is the hardest fun thing that I have ever done. I love the challenge of it. I love creating settings, characters, story ideas, plots and story themes. I am learning how to put it all together in story outline form. I think that is the best way to write a story is to have it all out there on the table. At least that would help with any form of writers block that I may come up with.

I think very soon I am going to posting my version of Karen Wiesner’s “First Draft in 30 Days” outline. Now my version may or may not end at the 30th day and will almost certainly not be posted on consecutive days but it will still be a journal that would detail where I am at insofar as writing my novel is concerned. This will help me to stay organized and on track. If you see let’s say “Day one towards a first draft or just day one” in the subject line then you know that I am on day one of writing my novel or whatever day that may be and I will tell what goals are being achieved or will be achieved that day.

I am doing this to help me gauge my progress on writing the novel and to gauge my progress as a writer. Heck I can use some form of this to help me write other story forms as well. Well for right now I am gong to start to work on my writing so until next time…William out.


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