Phase one… Day one…

toward my first sci-fi novel first draft. I have been doing lot’s of brain storming today and will continue to do so in the near future. Like I said in past posts I will try to follow the days in chronological order. But I already know that will be just about impossible to do. The main reason being is that I will rotate projects. One day I may write poetry, another day I may work on the novel, still another I may do something else. As noticed in the post script I will be doing this novel in phases rather than days. I think I can keep better organized that way.

This is all in an effort to stay fresh regarding my writing. So I will be as close as I possibly can on my daily writing of the novel. In fact days could become weeks but the main thing is I am going to write. There will be times when I put down some extra thoughts on whatever day I am on. I am going to try to follow Karen Wiesner’s “First Draft in 30 Days” as close as I can. Well until next time William out.

P.S. I re-edited the title to march my new philosophy on putting a novel together. It will be done in phases. The days being a subset of each phase of writing my sci – fi novel.


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