I just posted another hyper short…

story over on the Three-Minute Fiction page. It was fun to do. Three-Minute Fiction round 7 which is a part of NPR’s “All Things Considered Weekends” is set to begin on Sept 10th and I, along with a lot of other writers, will be ready for it. I hope to do well in this endeavor. I hope to either win it or at least get my short fiction published on the NPR website. Now wouldn’t that be something. I am still writing children’s fiction and some sci-fi fiction as well.. In fact I will get to that after I am finished here. I am still coming up with names for the children’s story. I was thinking something like “William the Frog Prince” or “William the Frog” or “Willie the Frog” or I could come up with something entirely different. In any case I will need to leave now and do the writing! Until next time William out!


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