I posted another short short…

story on the Three Minute Fiction facbook page. Again it was fun to do. I hope that I do well in that competition. Like I said earlier I would be very pleased almost tickled pink if they posted my story on their website. That would be a feather in my cap. I would be able to point that out to any publisher that I was considered good enough to be published on a major web site.

I was reading a book earlier today about how to build characters for your story. In the particular section that I read, it stated that I should ask these questions in order to know more about my characters.

Here is the list of questions…

1. What is the character’s name?
2. What is the character’s gender?
3. What does the character look like? ((Body Build/Weight/any possible body flaws) does the character have any sicknesses or other problems like is he or she paralyzed) and how the character dresses)
4. How old is the character?
5. What are the character’s hobbies?
6. What is the character’s relationship to the secondary characters?
7. What are the character’s strengths?
8. What are the character’s weaknesses?
9. Where is the character’s setting?
10. Who are the character’s friends?
11. What is the character’s family like?

Now these are all good questions to which I may add these questions.

12. What is the character’s background?
13. What are the character’s religious beliefs?
14. What the character’s fears?
15. What are the character’s pet peeves?
16. What is the mental state of the character?
17. Is the character a patient person or not.

The more questions you ask the better you know your character. Well I have to go now so until next time William out.


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