Well Three Minute Fiction…

has finally started. The judge is Danielle Evans who is very good writer. The writing prompt is one character comes to town and one character leaves town. Now I am brainstorming ideas as to what type of story it will be. So far I debating as to whether it will be a love story or some sort of private eye story. I have been doing some research about both types of styles of stories.  I think both will be set in Palm Beach. I say I think because I am not sure. But since I know the area here it may well be a possibility. In any case I have already said that I hope to do well in this contest.

I will be taking a writing course starting next month. It is one of those how to write a novel in 6 weeks type of deals. We will see how that goes. I do enjoy taking and learning from these writing courses. I know it will be a challenge, but I am looking forward to accepting that challenge. I am still doing other projects as well but since the Three-Minute Fiction contest ends on Sept 25th I will be working on that first. Well until the next time, William out.


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  1. Hi William!

    I’ve tagged you with the Versatile Blogger Award! If you choose to accept, you can follow the “rules” I have posted on my blog…


    I’ve enjoyed reading about your writing journey 🙂

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