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Well tonight I am reading…

“101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your Novel by Prudy Taylor Board. I am on chapter two Tip #16 The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line when you are plotting.” How true that is! Just like it says in the book, plotting can be a lot like mountain climbing. Your protagonist has had a good climb until he slips about 20 feet. Now he or she has to figure out another way to get back up. Now the protaganist climbs anothe 200 feet only to find that the pathway ends and he or she must find another way around.

In other words do not baby your characters. Throw a lot of complications at them. Make life difficult for them. If little Johnny is on his way to school then make sure that the bullys show up to give him a hard time. Now you have a bit of a conflict brewing here and without that conflict you have nos story. That is just plain and simple.

The same thing with your plot. Your plot cannot be a simple line from begining to resolution. There is simply no conflict that type of plot and hence there is no story there as well. So right now as I am brainstorming ideas, I am trying to come up with a plot that will have a lot of zig zags in it. In other words  the plot will have a lot of complications in it. That is the zig portion of the plot. The zag portion of the plot is when the character or protagonist resolves that complication only to arrive at another. That is another zig if you will. Each complication gets worse than the last until you reach that black moment in the novel. Anyway Prudy’s book is a very good read. I hope you guys take a look at it someday. Well I have to go now and so until next time William out.

PS. By the way the plan for my next 3 days off is to do a lot or pre-writing work. I am bascially going to map out as much as possible what I am going to do in the coming months regarding my writing.


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Last night I heard…

on Wlrn,  a local Public Radio station broadcasting out of Miami, that there will be a South Florida Flash Fiction contest that is sponsored by Wlrn and the Miami Herald. This is held during the Miami International Book Fair each November. The rules are very simple. The submission must be less than 305 words. The submission can be fiction, non-fiction, poetic prose or any form of poetry. The grand prize winnner will get to sit down with Christine Dimattei who is the afternoon anchor of Wlrn-Miami Herald news. It was mentioned that she will bring a grab bag of goodies during the dinner so that sounds pretty neat. I did not see where there is a limitation on the number of entries so I will be submitting often. The deadline for the contest is November 13th 2011. The guidelines and entry form is here.

So I hope to have some fun with that contest and for those who may want to enter I hope that they will have fun too! Now on to other things. I will be attending my by monthly critque group this November 6th at the Wellington library. Our leadr Caryn was away this past week or so at the Florida Writers conference and she promised to give us the latest details on what happened there. That should be very good indeed. I plan on getting there early so I can read some of the stuff that I have written during the past few weeks. Well this weekend has been pretty productive insofar as my writing is concerned and I am very happy about that. These next 4 days I will be posting here either after work or before work. The idea being that at least I will be achieving the goal of writing 250 words a day. After a 10 hour day that is probably all I can do with the exception of maybe creating a character bio or two.  I will be using the posts to actually set my writing goals for my sci fi novel and writing contests. Well that is it for now. Until next time William out.


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Well I have had several…

good writing sessions the past few days. I am going to submit a horror short story to the Writer’s Digest Short Story Horror contest very soon. That story was fun to write.

Since I am starting at the very beginning of my writing career, my basic plan it so submit stories to various constests while I am working on my sci-fi novel. Now then if other ideas present themselvesthen mabye I will work in other genres as well. Genre’s like Children’s picture books, or maybe some paranormal romance books. Who the heck knows? I have a lot of ideas that are just screaming to be put down on paper!! Soon I shall open the door of my mind and heart to these ideas.

I have been reading the book “90 Days To Your Novel” by Sarah Domet. It is quite a good book. I think I will use this book to set up the organizational framework of my sci-fi novel. I also like “Creating Characters” by Howard Lauther. I think that this book will help me to make my characters that much more real and beliveable. I need to work on my character creation skill more. In any case I will let you guys know how I am doing. So until  next time William out.


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Hello guys!

I am posting this short as I am at work on my lunch break. I will be writing a horror short story tonight so I can not only get it critiqued soon but I can also submit it to a Horror writing contest later. on this month. I shall tell you some more details later after i get off work. Until then William out.

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Working on my sci-fi story…

going to have the prologue critiqued this next Thursday. I hope that I do well. Tonight I have been outlining the story and brainsstorming  as well.  I wrote another childrens picture book story named “Harry and Lucky”. I hope to submit that story somewhere soon. i am going to continue to write childrens stories so I have them on hand when children story contests come up. I have also been writing some Haiku poems as well. I am waiting on the results of the Three Minute Fiction contest. I think the results will not be known for a little while yet. Here is an example of the Haiku poems that I am writing.

Our love makes us strong.

Our strength is the trust we have,

between each other.

Well that is it for me! Until the next time William out.

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Just a quick little note

I thought I would say again that the writer’s night out was quite good! I cerrtainly enjoyed it. Now later on today I will continue working on my projects. I had a bit of writers block yesterday so I took the day off. I might do it again tonight. If I do that tonight my plan will be to do some character creation and to do some reading and studying. In any case I will be getting something done tonight. Well until next time, William out!

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