Well I have had several…

good writing sessions the past few days. I am going to submit a horror short story to the Writer’s Digest Short Story Horror contest very soon. That story was fun to write.

Since I am starting at the very beginning of my writing career, my basic plan it so submit stories to various constests while I am working on my sci-fi novel. Now then if other ideas present themselvesthen mabye I will work in other genres as well. Genre’s like Children’s picture books, or maybe some paranormal romance books. Who the heck knows? I have a lot of ideas that are just screaming to be put down on paper!! Soon I shall open the door of my mind and heart to these ideas.

I have been reading the book “90 Days To Your Novel” by Sarah Domet. It is quite a good book. I think I will use this book to set up the organizational framework of my sci-fi novel. I also like “Creating Characters” by Howard Lauther. I think that this book will help me to make my characters that much more real and beliveable. I need to work on my character creation skill more. In any case I will let you guys know how I am doing. So until  next time William out.



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2 responses to “Well I have had several…

  1. William:

    A book that I’ve found incredibly useful is Prudy Taylor Board’s 101 tips on writing and selling your first novel: You can read each one in less than a minute. Let me know if you can’t find one. I know Prudy and I could get a copy for you from her if you’d like. I think it was somewhere around $10 or so, but I think it’s worth it’s weight in gold 🙂


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