Well tonight I am reading…

“101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your Novel by Prudy Taylor Board. I am on chapter two Tip #16 The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line when you are plotting.” How true that is! Just like it says in the book, plotting can be a lot like mountain climbing. Your protagonist has had a good climb until he slips about 20 feet. Now he or she has to figure out another way to get back up. Now the protaganist climbs anothe 200 feet only to find that the pathway ends and he or she must find another way around.

In other words do not baby your characters. Throw a lot of complications at them. Make life difficult for them. If little Johnny is on his way to school then make sure that the bullys show up to give him a hard time. Now you have a bit of a conflict brewing here and without that conflict you have nos story. That is just plain and simple.

The same thing with your plot. Your plot cannot be a simple line from begining to resolution. There is simply no conflict that type of plot and hence there is no story there as well. So right now as I am brainstorming ideas, I am trying to come up with a plot that will have a lot of zig zags in it. In other words  the plot will have a lot of complications in it. That is the zig portion of the plot. The zag portion of the plot is when the character or protagonist resolves that complication only to arrive at another. That is another zig if you will. Each complication gets worse than the last until you reach that black moment in the novel. Anyway Prudy’s book is a very good read. I hope you guys take a look at it someday. Well I have to go now and so until next time William out.

PS. By the way the plan for my next 3 days off is to do a lot or pre-writing work. I am bascially going to map out as much as possible what I am going to do in the coming months regarding my writing.


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