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tips on character creating. The tip comes from Prudy Taylor Boards “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel”. This tip is quite good. At the begining Trudy tells you there are 4 primary goals insofar as character creation is concerned. They are…

1. Make your people unique and interesting. This means that the character has some sort of interesting quality about them. Whether it be  their hobbies, past background, the type of work they do, their relationships with family and/or significant other, there must be some interesting quality about the characater in order for them to be interesting to the reader.

2. The character must have a motive for their actions in the book. The reader must understand the reasons behind the motivation. This is so the reader can accept the reasons as to the lengths the character will go in order to achieve his goal.

3. The author must make the character believable. This is pretty obvious. No reader will care about a character that he or she will not believe in.

4. Create character that will evoke real emotions from the reader. Once the bond is created between the reader and character, that bond will help to propel the reader through the book. The reader cares about the character and wants to know what will happen next. The reader, your reader cannot be indifferent to the character. This means that the author should spend a good amount of time creating and getting to know the character from the inside out.

This is what I plan to do myself regarding the characters in my sci fi novel. I plan to get to know them inside out and upside down. It is going to take me awhile. I am going to get started on my character bios during my next three days off. Just like creating a strong and sturdy foundation for a house I am creating a strong and sturdy foundation for my story. With the house if is done brick by brick. With the story it is done step by step, one day at a time. Well I have to go for now. Until next time William out.


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