Good evening folks!

As you guys have been aware these past few days, I have been reading Prudy Taylor Board’s book named “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First novel. The book is very good for begining writers like myself. I was pleased to find out from one of those tips, I am actually starting out my sci fi novel right by first creating my cast of characters. At least Trudy says it is one of the first steps.

In fact during these next 3 days off I will be doing that (creating characters) along with some brainstorming. In fact I do think it is better to create more than enough characters for a story than to not have enough characters. I can always shed the number of characters down to the number that I need. Shoot I can save some of these characters for another story if they do not work out in the current story.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I read that creating the cast of characters is one of the first things that most authors do. Prudy gives a lot of good tips about character creation that goes basically from A to Z. She discusses everything from background, to body type, to behavioral traits, mannerisms, body build, the types of clothes the character wears to various different functions. The tips once again are quite good.

Right now I just got home from doing another 10 hour shift so I am a little tired right now. But here I am typing away at the computer like there is no tomorrow. and speaking of tomorrow…. it is my Friday!!!!! Yipppeeee!!!! So I am going to enjoy these upcoming days off! I will be attending my critique group on Thursday. I have a completed sci-fi short story to share with them. I have already submitted that story to Writers Digest so I hope that the story will go well. Well I have to go for now so until next time…William out!


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