I have a good idea as to what…

I am going to do these next three days regarding my sci-fi novel project. I am going to do two things. One I am going to be creating new character bios. I do have a lot of fun creating a whole new person. I guess you can say it gives me a god like quality (creation that is). It is nice to be abloe to create things that were never there before. The other thing is I will be doing som brainstorming. That is I am going to continue to come up with ideas that will hopefully improve on my book project.

Other things I will be doing is the Writers Digeat Poetry Chapbook Contest to where I will be creating one poem a day. Now that should be quite a challenge to say the least. I do like to write poetry when the muse hits me. Sometimes I will start out my writing session by creating a poem. It gets my muse going when I am suffering from writers block on other projects.

I am going to read some more Steven King as well. If anything else I can certainly learn from the master of Horror. As I have said before I am going to my critique group tomorrow which is meeting at the local library. I am going to read a horror short story that I also submitted to Writer’s Digest as well. It should be a fun and informative meeting as out leader Caryn recently got back from a Florida Writer’s Association Conference and I am looking forward to hear what kind of information she may have for us.

So all in I had a pretty good week in writing and I hope to have many more such weeks! I want to thank all those for subscribing to my blog here. I hope that I can keep it interesting! So until the next time William out!


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