Had a real good time at the…

critque meeting today. It was very good. Our leader Caryn started the meeting with information on how to join the Florida’s Writer’s Association. Then she talked about writing dialogue. The talk was quite informative. Dialogue can be separated into categories which are both internal (the character is thinking to himself or herself and no other character is privy to those thoughts) and external which can involve 2 or more characters. We even chatted about a character who mumbles to himself and how to write that dialogue which brought us to discuss a rules change regarding The Chicago Manual of Style which says that such mumbling no longer has to be in italics. At least that is my interpretation as to what went on.

We had a very good turnout tonight with a few new people joining us for the the first time. Everyone got a chance to read including yours truly. I read my “An Aliens is a Boys Best Friend” short horror story. It generally got good marks though some thought that my original version I read a couple of weeks ago had the better ending. Upon further review I tend to agree with that assessment. I should have simply left it alone but I thought I would add another plot twist to the story. Well I will remember the old adage if ain’t broken do not try to fix it. That is a lesson well learned.

I told Caryn that I worked on some character bios today and that I found out that most writers start out their novel projects that way. I also told her about Prudy Taylor Board’s book “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel” and I let her know that she is a local South Florida writer which she was happy to find out about. All in all it was quite a good evening and I will continue to do the brainstorming and character bios during my three days off. I will also be trying to find out whether or not outlining is a good thing for me or not. At least I will start to outline the sci-fi novel project this weekend and see how it goes. A while back when I was younger I took a personality test to see what talents I may have and I found that I have a logical personality. So I think that outlining may serve me well. In any case that I what I will attempt doing. Well that is it for now so until next time William out.


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