Andy Rooney passed away today…

Normally I would write about things I have done the past few days, but today I will digress. Today I read on Yahoo, with some sadness that Andy Rooney passed away. I was a fan of his commentaries on 60 Minutes.  Mr. Rooney so dreaded the day that he would have to end his stint on 60 Minutes that he kept on working until he was 92 years old. I am at the start of my writing career so I can only hope to be as productive as Mr. Rooney was.

He was quoted as saying that he was not going to retire. Writers never retire he said. He delivered 1097 commentaries on 60 minutes. He wrote on everything from world politics to the old clothes in his closet. His opinions on occasion got him into trouble, but at least he knew he was true to himself. Mr. Rooney had gone to the hospital for an disclosed surgery, but there were complications that developed from which he never recovered.

Mr Rooney won one of his four Emmy awards for writing about whether or not there was an actual Mrs. Smith who made Mrs. Smith Pies. To answer that question, yeah there was no Mrs. Smith. Like I said before hand he was very adept at writing about anything he put his mind to. He said that a writer’s job is to tell the truth.  That is what a writer does he said. Rooney left CBS in 1970 when CBS refused to air his angry essay on the Vietnam War. So true to his motto that a writer’s job is to tell the truth he read the essay on PBS TV for which he won a Writer’s Guild of America Award for it.

In the summer of 1978 CBS was looking to add something to it’s weekly broadcast, “60 Minutes” and so on July 2nd of that year it aired it’s first Rooney commentary. As the saying goes, the rest is history. It was only last month that he left 60 Minutes. That show along with all of us in the writing community and the world at large will most definately miss him.

Andy Rooney (1919 – 2011)

May you rest in peace…


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