I have started my sci-fi novel…

project. These past few days I have been working on character bios for the story. The plan right now is to create a cast of characters while I am still brainstorming the idea. In fact the brainstorming is being helped by my character creating. It is like fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. When I get to the section when I describe the weaknesses and strengths of each character I get ideas about to construct the storyline itself.  I must admit I like creating characters that have never existed before.

I am still working on other projects as well. The poetry contest is coming along fine in fact I need to make some more poems for my upcoming chapbook. I will have to look at that Writers Digest poetry contest to see what writing prompt is for today. The critique group meeting went real well. I had some fun there. I did have a productive 3 days off and I am looking forward to the next 3 days off.

Now here is what I plan to do in so far as the next 3 days off are concerned. I am going to continue to round out the cast of characters that I started  creating during the last few days. I will keep on brainstorming ideas as well. One of the most important things that I will do is to start out mapping the major plot and all of the subplots to the story. This way I can actually visualize the story itself. It will look somewhat like a flow chart so to speak. Then from that I can start to do the actual outlining of the scenes for my first draft. So the goals are to finish casting, then brainstorm, from that I will do the flowchart and then after that I will work on the first draft outline.

But I must also not forget to work on my setting and other things as well. I cannot forget the setting because that is half the novel. My setting in this story is deep space, future earth, future hostile planet, space stations and some starships as well. Well I have to go for now so until next time William out.


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