I am working on my antagonist…

right now. I have just finished what I call a first draft on him, or at least I have the basics down for the character, and now I will start to read over the character bio and make changes where and when I need to. Like I have mentioned before, the next few days will be character creation…I will start creating the supporting characters very soon. Then once I have my cast of characters (and even then some characters may be added or deleted) I will start working on mapping out the plot line. One thing is for sure, putting together a novel is a lot of work, but to me it is also a lot of fun.

I will be entering some poetry contests this week as well. I have been writing some pieces of poetry off and on during my spare time. I think I have mentioned before if I run into a bit of writer’s block I will start to write some Haiku to get the muse going. So I hope that I will do well there. At least it keeps me writing which is something I want to do.

A commenter asked me about the critique group I belong to. The critique group that I am in, is a part of the Palm Beach County Writer’s group which has a Face book page. Here is that link. On that page you can find out a lot of good information about the critique groups that are there along with other information. Well until next time William out.


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