It is very important to have them. For all my talk at character creation, creating the setting is equally important. After all, my characters must at some point have a place to eat, live, sleep and create diabolical things for my protagonist! Creating a great setting is key to having a successful novel. Now as far as my sci fi novel is concerned the settings will be (and of course this could change!) earth, space station Orion, deep space itself, the Starship Avenger (that can change too), the captains shuttle, The Elok (villian’s ship) and probably a few other settings that I have not thought of yet. That is the fun with sci-fi writing. Y0u can come up with entirely alien worlds and they will be completely under your control! They will be yours to shape with. I will start to create some settings this week along with creating the antagonist and supporting cast as well. I find that this will probably take a couple weeks, maybe more.

For right now I have 3 character bios. The protagonist, the antagonist and one supporting player. Captain Mark Jacobs is the protagonist. Turock is the alien antagonist. Courtney Anderson is the support character now. (Remember I could change these names at any time.) So that is it so far for the character cast is concerned. Once I am done with the cast of characters, and I am done with creating the settings I will map out my storyline which will be along the lines of this… Captain Jacobs thinks he thinks he has problems now with defending the Earth Alliance from attack. But when an enemy from the past (Turock) returns things get a whole lot more complicated! Any way that is one working idea. Well I have to go for now so until next time William out.


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