Well its my weekend….

And I am going to do a lot of writing. My goals are to finish the character bios, start on the setting sketches and to get ready to map out the storyline as well. I am moving along with the writing of this novel. I am also going to create a sci-fi short story as well and have it ready for submission as soon as possible. If anything else comes to mind then I will achieve that!

The winner to the Three Minute Fiction contest will be announced next weekend. So far my story has not been announced amongst the favorites but I am still hopeful. Hey you never know in this business. I am always looking for other contests to enter as well. So far there is not much doing on that front but never fear I know that there is always going to be a contest coming around soon.

This weekend I need to get a few odds and ends to help me write my novel. I already have a three ring notebook that I will be using to put the pages of my first draft in. I already have the colored index cards for writing scenes. I even have some post it notes to remind me of anything that I might need in the future. I hve my Merrian Webster “Pocket Guide to Punctuation” on the table in case I need to look up something. So I believe I have lined up all my ducks in a row. Now it is a matter of just getting things done.

Having said that, I am going to have to go off to that special place inside my imagination. My imagination could take me on a journey to the stars or take me to an exotic place on earth. It could lead me into the future or the past. It could take me into the mind of a brilliant scientist or into the depths of madmans soul. But one thing is for sure, that no matter where my imagination takes me. I am going to to have fun with it! Until the next time William out.


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