I wrote a horror short story…

about a cub scout group meeting up with a werewolf. You can image the carnage that followed.  It is tentatively named A nightmare on Wolf Street. I am going to have it critiqued today. I hope that people will like it. I am still working on the sci fi project. I hope to have the cast of characters pretty much done so I can start to actually plot out the storyline by the information gleaned from the character bios. In other words I will be pitting the strengths and weaknesses of the characters together in order to come up with a good storyline.

I think it is good to  come up with plot lines based on the characters themselves. Lets say the protagonist has certain fears he or she gotten from past events. I could use those fears to create problems for that character in the current plotline. So the antagonist learns about these fears and tries to use them against the protagonist. You can also use a characters strengths in the plotline, that were developed in the character bios.

You can do the same to the antagonist as well. By using their strengths and weaknesses, you plot their rise and fall. Darth Vaders strength was the love for his son, which was brought to the fore when he destroyed the evil Emperor. The weakness of the Emperor was two fold. 1.There was this overall arrogance he had and 2. there was his confidence that Darth Vader not to give in to the love for his son. Well we know what happened there in that story. I still have that image of the Emperor falling to a, fiery/dark electrical energy death, set in my mind.

Well it is time now for me to move on. I still have things to do regarding my writing goals this weekend. Right now I must get to them. So until next time William out.


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