While doing a little research…

on the internet I found this little ditty! Poets & Writers magazine. Here is the link! It seems like the website is well organized from top to bottom. Starting at the top is a search engine along with a list of buttons that range from donate to subscribe. Under the heading you have a menu option list. There are a whole host of other good informational links on the web site as well. One the left side of the webpage is a host of links that will help an aspiring writer such as myself. One of the links on that side is writing contest and competitions link of which I will avail myself on a regular basis.

Three Minute Fiction Round 7 has a winner! The name of the story is “Little Hossein” by Chris Westberg. Here is a link to that story. I hope that you will like it! I had a lot of fun competing in this contest and look forward to Round 8 of Three Minute Fiction that will be coming in early January. Now of course I will be working toward my other writing goals. One of them is to continue to work on my sci fi novels and the others are to submit short stories to various different writing competitions and magazines.

This weekend I am going to work on my cast of characters and from that I will brainstorm the plot of the novel. The plot of my story is going to be character driven. That is it will be derived from the behavior, background, heatlh, desires, wants, strengths, and weaknesses of the characters. I learned that you can put together a story based on differences in characters. These differences will provide the conflict of the story. Well it is time for me to go so until next time William out!


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