To all of my writer friends out there…

have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to those who do not celebrate the holiday may you have peace and good tidings as well. I am still working on my sci-fi novel. There is nothing new there. I am actually still working on my cast of characters and I am outlining the story line as of this writing. I am still reading Prudy Taylor Boards’ “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel”. It is quite helpful indeed.

I am still writing some poetry too. But my main focus is getting this sci-fi novel going. I have been saying to myself this over and over again  to get started on this and now the time has come to get the job done. Tonight I have had some writers block trying to nail down the major story goal. It has to with my protagonist overcoming a major obstacle in order to achieve the story goal. But then I have a major obstacle to overcome myself. That is tiredness.  But I have sequestered myself to get this done and once done I will get some sleep knowing that I accomplished something.

After all that is why all of us writers do what we do which is to accomplish things, to create things, to create enjoyment in our readers. That is what keeps me going, even through the rough spots, which right now is going on with me. So I have writers block tonight. One way to beat that is to post here on my blog. The funny thing is as I write here, my muse begins to wake up and so for now I am going to have to go before this idea leaves my head. So until next time William out, and once again to those who celebrate the holiday… Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and Peace to all of you out there!


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One response to “To all of my writer friends out there…

  1. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

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    – Writers Wanted –

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