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Here is a Happy New Year quote from Benjamin Franklin…

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

~Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790)

Founding Father of the United States of America, Author, musician, political theorist, politician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman and diplomat. Mr. Franklin was one of the most influential people in the early 18th century having played a huge role in the formation of the United States of America. Probably without him there would be no United States, or very likelly our country may be quite different without him. In any case I hope that you enjoy the quote because it is one that rings very true.


P.S. All the characters that I will be creating will be at war with their vices, (Inner conflict if you will!), they will be at war with their neighbors,(External conflict if you will!), and some of them will find themselves to be a better man, woman, and or alien. (These maybe my protagonists or some supporting characters, and of course since most of my antagonists will be meeting their demise then of course they will be in the category of not becoming a better man, woman or alien. They will be simply sent to the great beyond. Most likely some form of hell he he!!)

Well in any case I hope that all of you my readers will have a wonderful new year that brings you happiness, good health and plenty of success in the writing world! See you in the New Year! William out.




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Well I hope…

that everyone here that reads my blog had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! It was nice to see family members that I have not seen in a while. The food was quite good. (Got to love that turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. And I should not forget all the various different deserts that were offered as well.) Well now it is onward to the New Year! I hope that it will be a productive one.

I have promised myself that I will write 250 words a day during the new year. I have already mentioned my goals for writing my sci fi novel in the new year. I want to have my first draft done by my birthday next year. That would be May 26th 2012. Damn it seems like that is far off, but I know that it will come up sooner than later so I had better get cracking!

Speaking of which I have been away from the characterization these past few weeks with the holidays, work and that. It is nice to be away and recharge the batteries a bit. This weekend though I will be back at it again, taking a fresh look at the character sketches and making whatever tweaks necessary to make my characters more real.

I mean after all who will my novel if my characters lack depth, life and the feel of being real in the readers mind? I want my characters to spring forth from the page and into my readers hearts! I want to make to them memorable! I want to write that breakout novel!! And believe me I will get there come hook or crook!

So to that end I bought “45 Master Characters” by Victoris Schmidt. I am on the second chapter that deals with personality archetypes. It is a good read, I highly recommed it! Well time is moving on and so must I for that matter. So until next time, have a wonderful, Happy New Year! William out.


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Hello people!

Just thought I would check in with you people. With the holiday season going on things have been very busy from my personal point of view. Things are still going well insofar as writing the sci-fi story is concerned. I am still tweaking the characters and doing the brainstorming as well.  I have no critque group meettings until early January so right now I am concentrating on enjoying the holidays. It is impostant to share the holidays with family. Family is very impostant to me. I hope to have a wonderful Christmas with my family and I hope that you the reader will do the same.

One of the challenges for my next critque group meeting is to write an essay on what inspires to write. A walk in the park or listening to music helps to inspire me. But my biggest motivation for inspiration occured about 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer. I was a stage 4 the worst possible stage and yet I beat my disease. That has given me the inspiration to write. Each and every day I awaken and find I am in good health is inspiring to me. The Good Lord, my family and Doctors have given me a second chance at life and I am not going to waste that chance. I will do what is necessary in ordet to become a sucessful, published writer.

So having said that I will achieve my goal of creating my first draft by my Birthday next year and finish the novel by the end of the year. Hopefully sooner. Well it is time to go for now and so until next time William out.

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I have been reading…

“Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maas.  I am on the 2nd chapter and I have to say that the book is quite good. It gives you the tools to write out that breakout novel. Tomorrow I will be getting the companion workbook from the same autho so I can start to organize my writing. The book is filled with a lot of good tips. So like I said, I am going to do a fair amount of reading and organizing to get my novel started.

I am still working on the character cast, in fact I have been designing a new character bio template that will not only accomodate humans but alien characters as well. I have noticed in other character bios that there is no section for alien characters. Since I will be writing Sci-fi I think that is important to do.

I had a critque group session this past Thursday and I read the first possible intro page to my novel.  I got a pretty good critque for my efforts. Some of the criticism involved my need to make more character description (describing how the character looked). Other critisms were setting the tone. They told me that I did a great job at setting the hook within the first page. Overal I felt very good about the session. A lot of people got to read their work.

Now I must go on finishing the cast of characters and then go on to do the brainstorming. That is what I have been doing and will continue to do. Well it is getting a little late right now so I am going to go. Until next time William out.

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