Well I hope…

that everyone here that reads my blog had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! It was nice to see family members that I have not seen in a while. The food was quite good. (Got to love that turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. And I should not forget all the various different deserts that were offered as well.) Well now it is onward to the New Year! I hope that it will be a productive one.

I have promised myself that I will write 250 words a day during the new year. I have already mentioned my goals for writing my sci fi novel in the new year. I want to have my first draft done by my birthday next year. That would be May 26th 2012. Damn it seems like that is far off, but I know that it will come up sooner than later so I had better get cracking!

Speaking of which I have been away from the characterization these past few weeks with the holidays, work and that. It is nice to be away and recharge the batteries a bit. This weekend though I will be back at it again, taking a fresh look at the character sketches and making whatever tweaks necessary to make my characters more real.

I mean after all who will my novel if my characters lack depth, life and the feel of being real in the readers mind? I want my characters to spring forth from the page and into my readers hearts! I want to make to them memorable! I want to write that breakout novel!! And believe me I will get there come hook or crook!

So to that end I bought “45 Master Characters” by Victoris Schmidt. I am on the second chapter that deals with personality archetypes. It is a good read, I highly recommed it! Well time is moving on and so must I for that matter. So until next time, have a wonderful, Happy New Year! William out.



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2 responses to “Well I hope…

  1. Good luck on your first draft, you have such a positive attitude!

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