Just wanted to say…

congratulations to my friend and fellow writer Leslie Borghini on becoming a flash fiction winner over at Neconebooks.com. Her 100 word story called “Santa?” got published on that website and will be published again in the 2012 yearly anthology.

All the guideline info for the writing contest is on that site. Looks like a pretty neat site! I plan on entering the latest contest later on this week. It should be a good deal of fun! I am going to meet with Leslie soon just to pick her brain about the writing process itself. As a begining writer I am still finding my way to write my sci-fi novel. I know that there is no set or completely right way to do this. But I would like to have some idea going about writing the novel.

To me I am figuring out what series of steps I need to take in order to get the job done. Do I create the characters first and then brainstorm the storyline or vica versa? Do I set up an outline detailing this steps? Or do I just sit at the computer and write like a crazyman? I know if I write like a crazyman then there will be many re-writes in store! In any case I will be asking Leslie quite a few questions because I want to continue toward my goal of getting that first draft done by 05/26/2012. I know I can do it and getting together with Leslie will go a long way toward acheiving that goal! Well it is getting late and I have to go so until next time…William out!



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2 responses to “Just wanted to say…

  1. Thank you William for you kind words. Look foward to meeting with you. the Angel of Horror

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