Hello fellow writers!!!

Just thought I would pop on in here and see what is happening. Character creation is what’s happening.  I like creating characters. It is like bringing a brand new person into the world.  Only thing is you do not have to dress them in diapers, feed them, discipline them, send them off to school, watch them grow up, get married, have their own kids, and maybe watch them die. But wait a minute that can happen in a novel now can it?

Sure it can and it has in the past. Well that is why I am experimenting with different character bio templates and I am beginning to think that a basic template which can be expanded as ideas come to my head may be the best way to go. I start off with a template that asks the basic questions of body type, hair color, eye color, height and weight. Of course I could describe any sort of body flaw like a scar on the characters face or the fact that the character could be a paraplegic, which would have a major impact on the character.

Then I would ask the next question which would be what is the style of dress? Style of dress can tell a lot about that character.  I mean does the character care about whether the clothes he or she wears are not color co-ordinated, or are the wrinkled all the time, or does the character inspect every last detail of their clothing to make sure they make a fashion statement.

Then in the last sections of the character bio I would describe the character background which could very well shape the character’s personality in the present time. I also in that same general section descibe what type of personality the character is and tie it in with the characters background. In the last section of the character bio I have a section for miscelleanous notes regarding the character. The reason why I do that is if I get an idea about the character while I am writing the story then I can always update the character bio in my miscellaneous notes section.

In any case that is how in general I do my character creating. And on that note that is what I am going to do now which is to go and update some of my characters. Lord knows they need it he he. So until next time… William out!



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