I wanted to thank a good friend of mine…

fellow writer Leslie Borghini. I had a very good meeting with her yesterday regarding my writing carreer. She gave me a lot of good tips about getting my novel done, not the least of which is simply putting words to whatever media I need to put them to, whether it a computer, paper, or something else. She said not to get bogged down in the details regarding the character, setting, and plot sketches. That only will make it more time consuming. If I kept that up I would not only limit myself regarding what the characters are but I will have definate trouble making my goal of completing that first draft on time. The only way that I can complete that first draft is by simply getting the words on paper and do not worry some much about tweaking and revising. I will be doing plenty of that anyway. Besides rewriting will make my writing better and it should be fun to do.

I cannot remember all the tips that she gave me, so sometime in the future we will meet again to go over stuff that I have forgotten this time around. I do remember some of the things she told me about “the hook” and how I should do that at the end of every chapter. I remember some of the tips she gave me about dialogue, but not all of them. Basically I am going to challenge myself everynight with some sort of dialogue contest just to keep me sharp. In fact I will be coming here on thus blog to do just that in the coming days, weeks, months and years. So with that in mind I will once again thank Leslie for taking time out of her schedule to give me some very good advice! So have a good night out there in wordpress land! Until next time… William out!


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  1. You are very welcome William. Let me know when you want to meet again. The Angel of Horror has faith in you!!

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