Another writing exercise!

I will be attending my critique group meeting this Thursday. The leader of the group Caryn gave us this writing challenge. We were to sit doen with pen and paper (No computer!) and a timer that is set for 5 minutes. For a writing prompt we had to use these three words. Rain, heart, music. Here is my take on this challenge. By the way if you get easily offended by vulgar language then do not read on, but if it does not bother you then go ahead and enjoy!


I was driving down rain slick highway 41, jamming to the lates Heart music when my truck started to slide. The next few seconds were a blur to me. Images of my truck hitting other vehicles and people which included some enemies of mine flashed through my mind. Check that I did not hit any of my enemies, I only wish I did. After checking myself to see that I still had all my body parts up and functioning, I started to check on others to see if they are ok.

I came upon this one gentlemen who seemed to be a bit uncomfortable.

“Sir, are you ok?”

“Well considering I have a tail pipe shoved up my ass, I guess I am doing pretty good!”

“Ok I guess a colonostrophy is out of question for you eh?”

“Yeah and so is sitting thanks to you!”

“I see the paramedics coming now so why don’t you just roll your ass right on over there.”

I so feel a law suit coming on…


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