Like I posted earlier…

the critique group meeting I attended this past Thursday was very good. I received some very good advice about my writing as well as getting praise for my dialogue. I will keep on improving as a writer. I am still committed to getting my sic fi novel out, but I do believe that I am going to shelve the current story, (Too much Start Trek like) and start writing another.

Now mind you I have not gotten rid of the Star Trek like story all together, it is just being put on the back burner while I work on something new. I hate to do all the work and then have some publisher tell me it is too much like Star Trek. Well anyway I learned a lot this week. I am still going to have a first draft done but it will be on a different story.

I along with a lot of other people are awaiting Round 8 of Three Minute Fiction. They said it would start this month. Like I said I am looking forward to the contest coming out. Later on this spring (Starting in a March timeframe) will be Cheerios Spoonful of Stories. I am looking forward to that as well. It should be a lot of fun. This weekend I entered the Necone E books flash fiction contest. It too was a lot of fun. I will be entering that contest as many times as I can. The story that I entered was of course a horror story. I hope to get published in their 2012 anthology.

Well it is time for me to run so until next time…William out.


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