Writing my first page…

of my sci fi story now. It will be a time travel tale. The story is about one who discovers that his experimental time project, which he spent most of his life working on, is going to lose funding from the U.S government. So to stop that he takes matters into his own hands with interesting results. In any case I have started on that and so far it has been fun.

I am still waiting for the writing prompt from Three Minute Fiction. That should start very shortly. I have set a goal of writing at least one piece of sci fi short fiction every week so that when a writing competition comes up that genre I have somthing to submit. I also will submit some shorts to the Drabblecast site and see how well I do. You never know!

Also I will be checking the Writer Market to see what if any markets I can submit to as well. It is an on going process this thinb called writing. I am in to stay all the way. When I sit down to write it simply frees my soul. There is nothing quite like it. Well I have to go for now. So until next time… William out.


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