Good evening people!

I hope that you are having a wonderful day no matter where you are in the world. Well so far this week I have been working on my sci fi story and just yesterday I finally started work on a quotations book. I have always wanted to create such a book. Now I am going to actually do it.

Though I am not sure of the legal side of things. I am not sure how I would give credit to the authors in a legal sense so I would not get sued by anyone. I will ask the people in my writers group about that. Otherwise I am going to get right on it.

Check that, I just did a little research on the subject and I found out that if the quote was said or published before 1922 then I should be ok. Anything after that I would and should get permission to publish that quote. In any case I probably should schedule something with an expert on this sort of thing.

I am still waiting on Three Minute Fiction to start Round 8 of their contest. It should be starting soon. I am also working on a short sci fi story for the Drabble cast people. I hope to have that finished very soon and submitted but first I would like to have it critiqued by my critique group before I do anything along the line of submitting.

Well that is it for now so until we meet again… William out.

P.S. I am working on my blogs as well. I do appreciate any comments from you guys!


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