Looks like I was wrong about Three Minute Fiction…

starting in January. It is the end of the month and still no contest. Oh where, oh where has Kenya done gone? Oh where, oh where, oh where can she be? Kenya is the host of Three Minute Fiction on their webpage I believe. Oh well I am still waiting for that writing prompt!

I submitted a 100 word story to the Drabblecast Forums. The name of the story is “Monster in the Closet.” I got a couple of critiques on the story that were gernerally good. It was pointed out however that I need to watch my punctuation. Other than that it was pretty good. I am happy about that! I have been itching to blog today. Sometimes it is tough to get words on a computer screen but patience is key. Sooner or later the words will begin to flow.

Looking forward once again to Cheerios Spoonful of Stories. That should be coming up in March 2012 time frame. I have also joined the Yahoo Contributor Network. I will be writing articles for them in the near future. Getting back to the Drabblecast I am working on my second 100 word drabble which I will submit later on this week. It is fun writing for these guys!

I am still working on the sci fi novel. One paragraph at a time. It is slow but I will get there too. It is going to be a time travel tale. Still working on the details though. I may just simply let the words flow and take me on a journey to God knows where. But I know that I will get there. I have gone to far to stop now. Well it is getting late so I have to go for now. So until next time…William out.


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