My critique meeting was…

very good though I did not get the chance to read. Now I do not mind that as it will give me timr to write and to update things as well..  I was fashionably late as usual. I did not get to hear Caryn’s starting speech on “The Hook” but I am sure that it was very well done.

We had a good crowd tonight and a lot of people read some very good stuff.  I heard some very good stories and poetry read tonight. I heard some non-fiction stuff as well. Some of the critiques centered around making sure that you do not change the POV character too much in one chapter as it may very well confuse the reader.  It is always important to keep your reader in mind while you are writing.

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams —

The same goes for the woman as well!

Here is a little haiku writing exercise of mine.

Love is a virtue.

Virtue can be very strong.

Strong is being loved.

I like to write poetry in general and haiku specifically. It is a challenge. I am always up for a writing challenge. Now tomorrow I will continue to write drabbles for the Drabblecast people. In fact I was going to write a different poem here, then I decided it would better over at Drabblecast. Hence the haiku poem. Well I have to go on to my other duties writing and otherwise so unitl the next time… William out!


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