It’s a Saturday…

I am relaxing and enjoying the day off. Yesterday was a good writing day. I posted some haiku poems to Necone E-Books, and I worked on Chapter one of the Sci-fi story as well. So, all in all, it was a good day. Now after I finish dinner I will do some more writing. My goals are to write more haiku, finish up chapter one of my sci-fi story, continue to learn about the Yahoo Contributor Network, and various other things.

Here is a quote from Nancy Banks-Smith.

Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.
– Nancy Banks-Smith

Phillip Dunne was born on this day in 1908. (1908 – 1992) He was very politically active. He helped to put together the Writers Guild of America and fought against the government blacklisting efforts of the entertainment business in the 1940’s and 1950’s. How Green Was My Valley (1941) and The Robe are 2 of his many screenwriting credits.

I find writing to be a very freeing experience. Whatever I was thinking or doing before seems to just vanish in the haze when I write. It is a fun experience. Well that is it for now so until next time… William out.


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