Reorganizing my computer…

Not there is anything wrong with my computer. But I thought I would organize my desktop so I can access the sites that Iwant to submit too more easily. I did this by creating folders on my desktop. I have a submissions folder where I keep track of what submissions I did where. I have folders that range from Short Story to Novels. They range the gambit of genres as well. In any case my desktop is more organized now and so I feel that I can be more productive that way. Speaking of being productive, I am still working on my Sci-Fi project. It is coming around slowly but surely.

I submitted some haiku poems to Necone E-Books today. That was fun. The haiku that I am submitting is horror by nature. Here is an example.

She screams from the bed.

He hoisted his axe up high.

Now she lost her head.

Rather ghoulish eh? I think so! But that is what I have been doing along with reading more about the Yahoo Contributor Network. I do plan on participating in that venture real soon. From what I have seen so far it seems like the real deal and people do get paid to write articles for the network.

I along with a lot of other writers are waiting for Round 8 of Three Minute Fiction to start. I am thinking that it will start at the beginning of March. That is my prediction. We will see if it turns out to be true. Now normally I would put a quote from a writer and a little writer bio but today I thought I would change things up a bit. I hope that you guys like it! Well I have to go for now so until next time… William out.



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