Woo hoo!

Round 8 of Three Minute Fiction will begin on March 10th. They have not given a writing prompt yet but obivously they will very soon. Now I am stoked! I will be ready for the upcoming competition. It should be be fun. Now tonight I have been writing some poetry. Basically I have been writing horror haiko for the Necone E-books people. Their February contest will end on the 29th so I want to submit a few more haiku’s to them.

I also looked at the sci-fi novel story that I have been writing and having the ever so wonderful writer’s block I just decided to put a few notes as to what might happen on the computer so I can come back to the story with a fresh state of mind, hopefully then I will be able to writer another page or two! Writer’s block you gotta love it! I mangage to keep pluggin along though. So I now I am back to not only writing poetry but to posting here as well.

Here is quote from Peter De Vires.

“I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning”

Peter De Vires

Today is the birthday of novelist Carson McCullers. She was born Lula Carson Smith in Columbus, Georgia (1917), She wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter in 1948 and the Member of The Wedding in 1946. McCullers wanted to be a concert pianist and she began to study music at the age of five. But fate intervened as she contracted rheumatic fever, and was left without the stamina for the rigors of practice and performance.

She tried studying at the Juilliard School in New York. But she lost her tuition money and her time at music school ended practically before it began, which led her to try her hand at writing. Somtimes the best laid plans of mice, men and women do go astray. In this case it worked out for Carson. Well that is about it for me. So until next time…William out.


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