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Just thought I would let you guys know….

that part of the reason I have not been writing here is that I have been battling a lung infection. So as soon I can conquer that I will be back at it again. So until next time William out.



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Madison Woods 100 word contest…

Life after Cars



This is what happens to you when you cannot get any work! I mean after that last Cars movie my agent has been working night and day. I mean night and day to get me another movie offer! So far no luck! So gone are all the night parties, the chicks, the booze and the money. Now I sit here in front of this fence collecting dust and dirt from everywhere! I sure do long for those days of being a movie star! But as they say easy come, easy go! Wait a minute, my agent is calling…

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Madison Woods Friday Fictioneer contest…

“Hey Joe, it’s been a hell of a winter so far.”

“You got that right! I lost my leaves way back in October.” Bob said.

“It’s been so cold even the wolves are complaining!”

“You know, we both look like lightening flashes on the ground.” Joe said.

“Yeah but we look good in ghostly white now don’t we?”

“I can’t wait until spring comes around and our friend Martha Bush starts budding again!” Bob said.

“She does look pretty with all her flowers in full bloom.”

“I can’t wait until out leaves come back.” Bob said.

“Neither can I!”



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You guys may have noticed…

that I started to do some different things with this blog. Yesterday I posted my 100 word submission to Madison Wood’s flash fiction page. I will be doing that periodically here on my blog. It is fun to enter. Here is the link. All the info that you would need is there.

I had a very good critique group meeting this past Thursday down in Boca Raton. I read my potential story submission for Three Minute Fiction and received good feedback from the group. I must say I am very lucky to be associated with such a good group of talented writers. Caryn is a very good hostess indeed! One of the writers present is Christopher Hawke. Here is a book trailer to his book  Unnatural Truth.

I will be implementing their suggestions as I tweak my story for submission. I have until March 25th to get that done. I should have plenty of time for that. I am still tweaking the sci-fi novel story. I will continue to do that as well.

I am waiting for the next round of Cheerious Spoonful of Stories contest to begin. I have already looked at stories that are geared for the 3 to 8 year range just to see what is being put out there now. So far that looks pretty interesting.

I have been visiting various different sites and I came across Jimmie Kepler’s Blog. This site features many different markets along with their submission guidelines. If you are a writer that does a great deal of searching markets to submit your work then I would suggest that you visit this site. It is quite good indeed. Well that is about it for now. I have to get back to tweaking some storie. So until next time…William out.

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Madison Woods contest….

Get A Bone

By onecooulsoul

Gee… What does someone around here have to do to go get a bone? I mean heck, I have been licking, panting, tail wagging, barking, doing all sorts of cute things and what do I have for it? Nothing, nada to say the least. Hey I got an idea! Maybe I can learn how to catch a frisbee. Or maybe I can learn how to water ski! Nah I just get all wet anyway. Hmmm… I am not to sure what to do. Maybe I can just bark I love you! Now that’s the spirit!



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Three Minute Fiction started today….

Yes round 8 started today. If any of you guys are interested here is the link. The story cannot be longer than 600 words. The story has to start with this sentence. “She  closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door.” That is the writing prompt for round 8 folks! So I will start to put my story together soon. Right now I am having a little tussle with the writers block but I shall overcome that!

I got a nice email from the folks over at Necone E-Books today, regarding my horror haiku submissions to them this month. And though I did not win I got a very nice compliment and lots of encouragement from Matt the proprietor of Necone E-books. So I will keep on submitting to them as well. They have a March contest ane the writing prompt is that writers who enter the contest that are also writing a novel submit a 500 word pitch. Yep that is the writing prompt for the this month! Here again I am at a loss for words, but fear not, I shall overcome again. Writing is such a fun challenge for the mind is it not?

I bought a few books from the local Barnes and Noble not only just for my personal pleasure but to study writing styles as well. I got “Timeline” by Michael Crichton, “Ladybug Girl” by David Somar and Jacky Davis, and “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. The last two books are childrens books of which the age range is 3 to 8 years old. The reason why I got those books is I am preparing for the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories contest that will start a little later this spring. I always think it is a good idea to be prepared for upcoming contests.

I have been tinkering around with my sci-fi novel tentatively titled “A Change in Time”. That has been fun as well. I so far have written the first 3 pages. Basically “the hook” if you will. I feel so far it is a good hook. At least I have something down to show for at the next critique group meeting. Between now and then I will keep on adding and tweaking the story. Well I have to go now so until next time…William out!


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Here I sit in front of the monitor…

The blank screen beckoning me to write something…anything that my little soul desires. That is just it nothing is coming. So I sit and wait like the little school boy I am. That is if you call 6ft 7 inches and 300 punds a little boy then I guess I am a monsterous little boy. So you see people this is how I deal with writer’s block. I just sit down and type whatever comes to mind. Oh wait…let me check I think to sse if I do have a mind. I think just left it in another room somewhere on down the hallway.

Follow me if you will. (Sounds like we are going into…The Twilight Zone here! And you would be write…I mean right!) I am going down the empty hallway and I turn right into the kitchen. And there between the microwave and the clock sits my mind eating some snacks.

“Hey you!” I said.

“It’s time to stop eating and get to writing!”

“I do not want to write!” my mind said in a rather coy fashion.

“Oh yes you will! I… well you promised yourself you would write everyday, even if it is nonsense you would go ahead and write because I…you love it so!”

“Oh ok, but before you… uh… me put me… uhhh… you back inside your….uh…my head drink a bottle of “Boost” so you can get some extra vitiamins and protein. It is good for the both us you know.”

“No problem, consider it done.”

So I drank the boost dry, and then I literally got my head together, which it is hard to stuff your mind back inside your head once it is out. After having done that I went back to the office and here is the result. I hope that youse (that’s the Italian in me!) guys enjoyed it. So until next time….William out.

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