My critique group meeting…

went very well today. Although I did not read today, I heard a lot of good stories and information at the meeting. Not reading isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Listening is equally important at these functions. In fact I learn a lot more about writing when I listen to other people’s work. Isn’t that the most important thing is learning? I think so.

So with that in mind we listened to Caryn’s speech about characterization and the importance of developing character profiles before writing your story. In that lecture she emphasized that you must get to know your character intimately before you start your writing. Now I must admit I have gotten away from that these past few months and now I realize I must get back to doing that again. Before I write I must know as much as possible about that character. Questions need to be asked about the character.

Is the character male or female, young or old, or for that matter even human. Is the character in picture perfect health both mentally, physically or both or is the opposite true? Does the character have flaws both phsyically and mentally? How tall is the character, or fat, or thin or whatever? What clothes, shoes or anything else does the character wear? Is the latest most expensive off the rack, or does the character go to the dollar thrift store to buy clothes? Does the character have a boyfriend, girlfriend (or in an alien’s case) an it friend? Is the character straight or gay/lesbian?

What are the character’s personality traits? What’s the character’s background? Did the character go to school, play sports, get good grades? Was the character popular in school? Did the character have a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school? Was the character popular in high school? If not then why? Did the character get in trouble in school? And if so then why? Did the character have a tramautic event occur early in life or not? A traumatic event early in one’s life can have a tremendous affect on the character and how he, she or it perceives life.

Is the character religous? Does the character go to church? Does the character belong to any religous organizations If not, why not? What is the relationship status between the character and his, her or it’s parents and siblings if any? Is it good bad or indifferent? You and I as writers would need to know.  In any case this is pretty much what I got from my critque group meeting today. It was really quite good and I looking forward to going to the next meeting in western Boca Raton in two weeks.

Now in 9 days Three Minute Fiction will start and I will ceratinly be using my next critique meeting to help me tighten my writing up for submission to that contest. I will let you guys know how that turns out! I am still pluggin away at my sci fi story, and I do have a goal of at least the first 5 pages written out before I go to that next critque group meeting.  I will also be submitting poetry to Necone E- Books as well so I am going to be busy these next two weeks. So I had better get cracking then! So until next time… William out!



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