Here I sit in front of the monitor…

The blank screen beckoning me to write something…anything that my little soul desires. That is just it nothing is coming. So I sit and wait like the little school boy I am. That is if you call 6ft 7 inches and 300 punds a little boy then I guess I am a monsterous little boy. So you see people this is how I deal with writer’s block. I just sit down and type whatever comes to mind. Oh wait…let me check I think to sse if I do have a mind. I think just left it in another room somewhere on down the hallway.

Follow me if you will. (Sounds like we are going into…The Twilight Zone here! And you would be write…I mean right!) I am going down the empty hallway and I turn right into the kitchen. And there between the microwave and the clock sits my mind eating some snacks.

“Hey you!” I said.

“It’s time to stop eating and get to writing!”

“I do not want to write!” my mind said in a rather coy fashion.

“Oh yes you will! I… well you promised yourself you would write everyday, even if it is nonsense you would go ahead and write because I…you love it so!”

“Oh ok, but before you… uh… me put me… uhhh… you back inside your….uh…my head drink a bottle of “Boost” so you can get some extra vitiamins and protein. It is good for the both us you know.”

“No problem, consider it done.”

So I drank the boost dry, and then I literally got my head together, which it is hard to stuff your mind back inside your head once it is out. After having done that I went back to the office and here is the result. I hope that youse (that’s the Italian in me!) guys enjoyed it. So until next time….William out.


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