You guys may have noticed…

that I started to do some different things with this blog. Yesterday I posted my 100 word submission to Madison Wood’s flash fiction page. I will be doing that periodically here on my blog. It is fun to enter. Here is the link. All the info that you would need is there.

I had a very good critique group meeting this past Thursday down in Boca Raton. I read my potential story submission for Three Minute Fiction and received good feedback from the group. I must say I am very lucky to be associated with such a good group of talented writers. Caryn is a very good hostess indeed! One of the writers present is Christopher Hawke. Here is a book trailer to his book  Unnatural Truth.

I will be implementing their suggestions as I tweak my story for submission. I have until March 25th to get that done. I should have plenty of time for that. I am still tweaking the sci-fi novel story. I will continue to do that as well.

I am waiting for the next round of Cheerious Spoonful of Stories contest to begin. I have already looked at stories that are geared for the 3 to 8 year range just to see what is being put out there now. So far that looks pretty interesting.

I have been visiting various different sites and I came across Jimmie Kepler’s Blog. This site features many different markets along with their submission guidelines. If you are a writer that does a great deal of searching markets to submit your work then I would suggest that you visit this site. It is quite good indeed. Well that is about it for now. I have to get back to tweaking some storie. So until next time…William out.


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