Just thought I would let you guys know…

that I have been sick for a while. But now I am getting better. So I resuming my writing! It does get tough to write when your body is not into it. But like I said before I am getting now that I have conquered the demons that have been invading my body these past few weeks. Let’s just say they are being cast out as I speak! He he. Well that is the horror in me!

I entered the Three Minute Fiction contest. That was fun. I look forward to doing that again. I have not updated my sci fi story due again to the aformentioned illness but that will change soon. Before I got sick I was doing a little research about current children’s stories so when the Cheerious Spoonful of Stories contest starts I will be ready for it. I hope that it will start soon.

I have been writing some haiku and other poetic forms and putting them in my chapbook. It is with the idea that sometime in the near future I will publish that. It is fun putting together a chapbook. I am also thinking of putting together a quotes book, but the thing that is holding me back is the copyright issue. I certainly don’t want to get sued. That is for sure. I have been trying to do some research on what I can publish and can’t publish, but so far I have only found gibberish. That is the internet for you!

It is getting a little late so I will have to retire soon. It is so nice to be able to update this blog again. So until next time…William out.



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2 responses to “Just thought I would let you guys know…

  1. I am so glad you are casting out the demons of your illness, just as long as you don’t try to cast the Angel of Horror. Haha!!!

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