Reflections of a writers mind…

1. Update character profile.

2. Update Setting sketch.

3. Update first draft outline.

4. Write then rewrite.

5. Rewrite the rewrite.

6. Or just keep on writing.

7. Scratch head when no ideas come.

8. Bang head on wall when no ideas come.

8a.  Wipe sweat off of brow.

9. Rush to computer to start typing when ideas do come.

10 Ideas that looked good when you first thought of them now don’t look so good on the computer screen.

11. Back to the drawing board, or my case the notebook or laptop.

12. Re-imagine first ideas and now they look better.

13. Keep on tweaking those ideas.

14. Organize those ideas for future reference.

15. It is getting late in the evening so it is time to close shop.

16. Realize that you moved forward in your work.

17. Get some sleep you’ll need it.

18. Tomorrow do it all again.

19. That is because you and I will never stop writing.

20. Ever!

Until next time William out!


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One response to “Reflections of a writers mind…

  1. Your list is spot on and the very reason I am back up from a cozy bed at my computer writing again….. I did make progress on a project and the muse is inspired to keep popping…. its 2:10 AM

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