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Memorial Day musings…

Good evening fellow writers! I hope that you are yours had a wonderful Memorial Holiday. This is a time where remember those who given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and to thank those who are serving and protecting our country from enemies who would seek to destroy our country.  We will never forget you. We will never forget the sacrifices that you have made for us so that we all can live free!

My own father (William Sr.) was shot down in WW II.  I he was the radio man in a B-17. He was nearing the end of his tour of duty, when the unthinkable occured. I think he was over Nothern Italy our Southern Austria when he his plane was shot down. Normally on that day he would be wearing his parachute but this day he had the chute at his feet.  As my father found out later only 5 men survived the crash, my father being one of them.

The B-17 when it was hit split into 3 parts. The cockpit area, the main fuselage, and the tail. My father was located in the fuselage. After the plane split the fuselage began a slow spin. My father who was seated at the time literally rolled out of the fuselage while putting on his chute.

He waited a few seconds after putting the chute on to see if the fuselage would clear him. Sure enough it did! Narrowly missed him. If he had pulled the chute earlier the fuselage would have hit him. After that he kept on looking over his shoulder as he was falling with his back toward the grouned, and when the trees started to look big enough he pulled his chute.

Once on the ground he was lucky enough to get caught by some people who then turned him over the Germans. I say lucky in the sense that they did not shoot him to death on sight. My Uncle Newell was not so lucky. He was shot down over Germany as we found out later was murdered on the ground.

My father was POW until the end of the war when he was turned over the Americans. He lost 55 pounds during that time. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have had a father like mine. And to think this past May 22nd we celebrated his 90th birthday! I do feel very blessed. So once again, this Memorial Holiday I would like to remember those who died for us and to thank those who are still serving our country. To me these people are the real heroes of today! So until next time fellow writers…William out!



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Good Saturday afternoon!

Hello fellow writers! I hope that you guys are havint a wonderful day. I know I am cuz… It’s my Birthday…It’s my Birthday…Weeeeee! So I am having a good time with family and friends.

I have been having fun tweaking chapter one of “A Change in Time” and I may do some more before all is said and done!  Soon it will be off to chapter two. Going to do some poetry later on in the day. We will see how that works out as well.

But for now I am just enjoying my birthday and family. So until next time…William out!



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Friday Afternoon…

Good afternoon fellow writers. I hope that you guys are doing well. I am doing very nicely this fine afternoon!

I have been working on chapter one of my sci-fi novel “A Change in Time”. I had it critiqued yesterday. I need to make sure that I stay in one character’s pov (Point of View) throughout the chapter so as not to confuse the reader. So today I am making the necessary adjustments to achieve that goal. That should not take too long. I have been writing poems for my chapbook. It is usual for me to do this if I develope writer’s block. It helps me quite a bit.

I am about to finish Irwin R. Blackers book “The Elements of Screenwriting”. That book has been helpful to me regarding my own writing. I am going to finsih the book today and then later on use it to help me write my novel, The book is divided into two parts. Part one deals with definitions, conflict, structure, character, exposition and dialogue. Part 2 deals with how a professional script looks like, production considerations, forms and techiniques, discussing the industry or the business of filmmaking along with various different appendices and indexes.

Like I have mentioned before it is quite a good book and I highly recommend it to any author who is just starting out and is not quite sure how to go about writing a novel or for that matter any type of story. Well enough rambling on here! I have to go gor now so until next time…William out!



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Thursday night musings…

Today I went to my critique group meeting in Boca Raton. It was well attended. Several people read tonight including yours truly! I must admit the talent at these meetings is extraordinary.

I had a great time and I am looking forward to the next meeting in Wellington.

Regarding my reading I got good marks regarding the dialogue and hook, but I need to make sure that I keep the same point of view through out the chapter so as not to confuse the reader.

Well that is it for now! So until next time…William out!

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It is a Saturday afternoon…

and I am relaxing after yesterday’s immunotherapy. Glad I got that over with! I have two more appointments and then a petscan after that, so I hope that everything will turn up cool. I have been making changes to the first chapter of “A Change in Time”, tweaking if you will. I got to make that hook as big as possible. Hopefully I will be reading at the next critique group meeting at the Boca Raton library. I would like some feedback on what I have been doing.

I have been reading “The Elements of Screenwriting” by Irwin R. Blacker. I have learned a lot about putting together a story from that book. I highly recommend it! Oops I put an adverb in here! (Highly) he he! But since I am not writing a book here it is ok to put it in here. In any case the book is quite good. I am in part two ot the book where it teaches how to construct the script, which is interesting.

Others things it teaches are structure, plot, characters, conflict etc. The book does a very good job in these areas. In subsequent posts I may write about these things. Like I said before I am glad I got the book. I will continue to read it. Now as far as my writing goes, I will continue to add new pages and tweak old ones when I get the time to do it. Since I do have the time to do such things I will stop posting for now and get right to it! So until the next time… William out!


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Getting some immunotherapy done today…

Here I am in the chemo ward of the local hospital getting prepped to recieve some gamma globulin, I am attempting to post before the Benadryl kicks in and makes me feel very happy or delirious he he! The nurse just came by and hooked me up with the first bottle, so here goes! Wish me luck as I have had bead reactions to this in the past, but hopefully with the half dose things will go smoothly today!

I will post later and let you guys know how it went today. So until next time…William out!

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Sunday musings…

It has been a beautiful day down here in South Fla. Actually it has been a wonderful weekend as well. Been doodling around with the sci-novel tentatively named “A Change in Time.” I have been getting some ideas and jotting them for later perusal to see if I could use them some way.  Or maybe I can use them in another story. Who knows?

Like I have mentioned before I have been writing some poetry for my chap book. That is fun for sure. I am going to check out Necone-Ebooks just to see what this month’s prompt will be and later on this week I will check out Madison Woods website for the weekly 100 word contest.

I have been checking out the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site to see if anything has started and so far nothing there. I hope the contest will get started soon. I just checked again and still no luck. Oh well there are plenty of other contests that I can enter!

I am still reading Irwin R. Blacker’s “The Elements of Screenwriting” and learning quite a bit. Like I have already said. I am very glad that I got the book. It has been such a great help already to my writing career. You may want to get it yourselves it is that good.

It is that time where I will have to say goodbye to everyone. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful evening or day depending upon where you are at. So until next time… William out.


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