Good evening…

It has been a while since I posted here. I have had some health issues and they are being resolved. So I am back to posting again. At the last critique meeting in Boca Raton Robert L. Bacon was the featured speaker. He will again be the featured speaker at the Wellington Critique group. He spoke about the publishing industry as a whole. His talk was very informative to the group of people that were there and I will be pleased to hear from him again this Thursday. Provided nothing happens in between.

After talking with me Mr. Bacon suggested that I would get “The Elements of Screenwriting” by Irwin R. Blacker. It is quite a good book. I find that most of the screenwriting elements can also be applied to novel writing as well. During this long writing journey of mine, I have tried several different things. Most of which went nowhere. Now I have a book that can provide me the roadmap to my novel from start to finish.

So right now I have been mostly reading and taking notes on Mr. Blacker’s book and somewhat scaled back on the writing. I do believe that this book will help me out in my writing and I will give thanks ro Mr. Bacon for suggesting I get the book. I know that it will help me out tremendously.

It is good to be back posting again. I will try to do so on a pretty regular basis. Regular being a relative term here. Well I have to go for now, so until next time…William out.


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  1. Yeah! Your posting! Books on writing are good for seeking ways to improve but don’t skimp on the actual writing, William. Write your three pages every day. Reflecting on what you learn in your study writing can count but keep that create edge by scribbling your character profiles, scenes, dialog. Find a writers challenge to participate in. If three pages don’t fit with the day job routine, try three paragraphs. Write, write, write! It is what you want to do. See you Thursday!

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