Had a good time…

at the last critique group meeting over at the Wellington library. Several people got to present their stories and as usual they were all very good. I didn’t read but that is ok. Sometimes it is better to listen than to talk. This way I can learn more about writing. Robert L. Bacon was the speaker there and he gave us a good speech regarding the current status of the publishing industry as a whole plus he talked about other topics as well.

For those who would like to go to his web site here is the link. The site has quite a bit of good information for the up and coming writer. Also I would like to recommend “The Elements of Screenwriting” by Irwin R. Blacker. Mr. Bacon thought that I should get the book and I am glad that I did! I also subsrcibed to Mr. Bacon’s newsletter “The Perfect Write” and I am looking forward to that first communication from him.

I am still tinkering around with the sci-fi novel, writing one page at a time. At least I am putting something down. Been writing  some poetry on the side as well.  The important thing is that I am writing. Simply keep on writing and never stop. That is what it boils down to. Even as I sit here posting, a little inspiration hit, and it was off to the notebook! So that is a good thing! Well, it is off to do some more writing my fellow writers! So until next time… William out!


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